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Update on processing times:

Due to COVID affecting our customers and ourselves we currently have reduced staffing and as such our processing times may be slightly delayed. At present we are picking and packing on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Cut-off for shipping days may be the day before to allow all orders first in the queue to be processed. If you have an urgent order, or were wondering when your order will be processed please don't hesitate to ring and check, and we will do our best to accommodate requests....
Thank you everyone for you patience and understanding at this time.
-The Blackgum Team

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Blackgum Distribution Services currently deals in sales of a variety of Tasmanian products including, but not limited to: Books (covering a wide variety of topics and formats), CD's, DVD's, Postcards, Gift Cards, Maps, Magazines and much more.


Featured Titles Last updated: Thursday, 30th November 2023
Tasmanian Tiger The Tragic story of the Thylacine
Is it still out there? People claim to keep seeing it still.Once the world's largest marsupial predator, the Tasmanian tiger once roamed the Australia... more
Tasmanian Devil A deadly tale of survival
At night their shrieks and growls echo through the Tasmanian bush, and they are famous for their ferocious bite and scavenging habits. In fact the Tas... more
Tall Poplars Tales from Tasmania's fabled Derwent Valley
Tim Hurburgh’s Tall Poplars:Tales of Tasmania’s fabled River Derwent Valley provides a fascinating fresh take from the murkier days of Van Diemen... more
Question 7
Beginning at a love hotel by Japan's Inland Sea and ending by a river in Tasmania, Question 7 is about the choices we make about love and the chain re... more
The Conversion
The conversion was Nick's idea.

Nick- so persuasive, ever the optimist, still boyishly handsome. Always on a quest to design the perfec... more
Good life Growing
Good Life Growing provides the inspiration and know-how to grow your own fruit and veg in any Australian climate. This bountiful guide from Gardening ... more
Coming Soon
Tasmania the Beautiful Island
Tasmania the beautiful Island of Australia with fantastic natural features, great produce and ingredients on offer, seafood and wine with white beache... more
Fun in Tasmania Activity Pack
Activity Packs are super for kids! Not only do they keep kids entertained but the kids get to learn more about Tasmania .Activity packs make great gif... more
Bush Birds of Australia ID Chart
Part of Reed New Holland’s exciting easy-to-use ID-chart series, this eye-catching fold-out sheet
depicts a selection of the bird species mos... more
Spiders of Australia ID Chart
Australia is famed for its venomous and potentially deadly spiders, such as the Sydney
Funnel-web and the Redback Spider. However, the vast ma... more
First words Australian Animals
Introducing young children to new
words and concepts is an important
part of their
Australia’s animals are ... more
For the Term of His Natural Life HB
First published in 1874, a powerful tale of an Australian penal settlement, which originally appeared in serial form in a Melbourne paper.

Australian Bushrangers
Australians have always had a soft spot for the daring bushrangers of last century with their contempt for organised authority. In fact, Ned Kelly is ... more
Australian Bushrangers
An aura of romance surrounds the idea of Australian bushrangers. The passage of time has invested the most celebrated of them with a kind of swashbuck... more
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