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Blackgum Distribution Services
Update on processing times:

Due to COVID affecting our customers and ourselves we currently have reduced staffing and as such our processing times may be slightly delayed. At present we are picking and packing on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Cut-off for shipping days may be the day before to allow all orders first in the queue to be processed. If you have an urgent order, or were wondering when your order will be processed please don't hesitate to ring and check, and we will do our best to accommodate requests....
Thank you everyone for you patience and understanding at this time.
-The Blackgum Team

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Blackgum Distribution Services currently deals in sales of a variety of Tasmanian products including, but not limited to: Books (covering a wide variety of topics and formats), CD's, DVD's, Postcards, Gift Cards, Maps, Magazines and much more.


Featured Titles Last updated: Monday, 22nd July 2024
Backpack Jack's Wild Party
When Snag the sausage dog sneaks into Backpack Jack’s wild birthday party, he finds much more than a sausage to steal from the barbie. There are wal... more
Tiny Tassie Backpack Jack's Island Adventure Board Book
At the bottom of the world is a tiny island like nowhere else! Explore Tassie's wilderness and the animals who call the island home. Meet Nevil the De... more
Milk Truth and lies and the unbelievable story of the original superfood
Milk. It's in our coffee, on our cereal. We see it in processed form - yoghurt, butter, cheese, skimmed and lactose free. It's there in almond form, o... more
The Islands where we left our ancestors
The beautifully hand-drawn true story of artist Joshua Santospirito's visit to the Aeolian Islands of Italy with his parents to seek out past connecti... more
My Brother Finch
Finch and Wren were as close as a brother and sister can be. When he vanished, when they were nine years old, her world cracked in two. Finch was neve... more
The Wreck of the Neva
On 8th January 1835 the Neva sailed from Cork, destined for Sydney. There were 241 people on board, most of them either women convicts or the wives an... more
Coming Soon
Tasmania Lonely Planet 10
Discover popular and off the beaten track experiences from snorkelling along the reefs of the Tinderbox Marine Reserve, to exploring the forested trai... more
Tasmania Planning Map 2 Lonely Planet
Durable and waterproof, with a handy slipcase and an easy-fold format, Lonely Planet's Tasmania Planning Map is your essential navigation tool. This f... more
Nedingar Ancestors
This lyrical, dual language picture book from two debut First Nations creators celebrates the beauty of Country and family.

'Please Mum... more
Flinders P/B
The extraordinary life, loves and voyages of the man who put Australia on the map, now with a foreword from Flinders' great-great-great-grand-daughter... more
Sky country
An ancient story of creation that describes two Ancestral Beings who came down from the Milky Way to create the Trouwerner (Tasmanian) landscape.
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