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Blackgum Distribution Services currently deals in sales of a variety of Tasmanian products including, but not limited to: Books (covering a wide variety of topics and formats), CD's, DVD's, Postcards, Gift Cards, Maps, Magazines and much more.


Featured Titles Last updated: Thursday, 14th December 2017
Tasmanian Whisky - The Devil's Share
Redrawing the boundaries of Tasmania into four whisky districts and then journeying across each one, over four years Tasmanian whisky historian and we... more
Tasmanian Devil Playing Cards Counter Pack x 10
Counter Pack of 10 Quality souvenir pack of playing cards featuring Tasmanian's iconic "Devil" (Sarcophilus harrisii)
Houses & Estates of Old Glamorgan
Houses and Estates of Old Glamorgan is an extensively researched, referenced and richly illustrated book documenting thirty early properties of the fo... more
The Tasmania Pantry Cookbook
Delicious recipes from the home kitchens of Tasmanian chefs and producers.
Living in Tasmania, we are so lucky to be connected to our food. Elo... more
Journeys into the Wild: The Photography of Peter Dombrovskis
A selection of the sublime wilderness photography of Peter Dombrovskis.
Journeys into the Wild is a poetic escape to a fragile and breathtaking... more
Tasmanian Honey Recipe Book 2nd Edition
Tasmanian Honey has been produced since the 1800's. Today approximately two-thirds of Tasmania's honey production is from the leatherwood blossom. Thi... more
Coming Soon
Pie Hard
"It's not everyday you get to create, eat and laugh with your best friend... unless you’re us, in which case it pretty much is.
We started th... more
The Mindful Fairies
This enchanting story is narrated from the perspective of a young child who has a special bond with the fairies that live at the bottom of her grandpa... more
Tasmanian Cheese Recipe Book
This book provides a rich source of recipes that showcases Tasmania’s fine cheeses. It features more than 45 recipes; these are mostly uncomplicated... more
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