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Blackgum Distribution Services currently deals in sales of a variety of Tasmanian products including, but not limited to: Books (covering a wide variety of topics and formats), CD's, DVD's, Postcards, Gift Cards, Maps, Magazines and much more.


Featured Titles Last updated: Thursday, 19th March 2020
An Illustrated Handbook of the Endemic Birds of Tasmania
An illustrated handbook of the endemic birds of Tasmania is a small book about a small collection of birds who live on a small island.
From the... more
Australian Convict Recipe Book 2019 Printing
Includes 150 practical recipes plus historical photographs, convict rules and rations and the unabridged story of Bessie Baldwin.
Tasmania: Under the Southern Sky
"Tasmania Under the Southern Sky" covers the entire area of the state, comprising the main island and 334 surrounding islands.
In compiling thi... more
Hiking the Overland Track
This guide covers the iconic 81km Overland Track in Tasmania, one of Australias most famous long-distance walks. Starting at Cradle Valley and finishi... more
The Last of the Sail Whalers: Whaling off Tasmania and Southern NZ
When he died in 1938, Captain William McKillop was recognised as probably the last surviving master mariner who had served on board an Australasian sa... more
Our Australia: Hobart
Explore Australia with Taha and Mum in their camper van - photos facts stories and tall tales.
Coming Soon
The Best of Hobart and Tasmania - Due Mar 2020
The Best of Hobart and Tasmania covers everything there is to see and do in a short stay. This book will show you the best drives, best tourist must s... more
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