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ISBN: 9780241526309
Blackgum Item Code: PENG1090
Title: Penguin's Egg
RRP: $16.99
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A rhyming delight full of energy, vehicles, peril and fatherly love- will Daddy Penguin get home to his hatching egg on time?

On a frozen sea, where the snow falls fast, and the whirlwinds rage and storm,
A rockhopper egg, in a stony nest, was lying safe and warm.
Dad watched and waited, waited, watched, the night grew inky black,
Then he fell into a sleep so deep, he didn't hear the . . . CRACK

Daddy Penguin finds himself adrift in an unfamiliar world, and he must get home for his egg!

From train to helicopter, hot-air balloon to limousine, Daddy Penguin hitches lifts with kindly folk - but will he be home in time?

A race against time for Daddy Penguin in this rhyming delight