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ISBN: 9781760796235
Blackgum Item Code: NHND0427
Title: Spiders of Australia ID Chart
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Australia is famed for its venomous and potentially deadly spiders, such as the Sydney
Funnel-web and the Redback Spider. However, the vast majority of the more than 3,000
described species – with thousands more awaiting official description and classification – are
harmless to humans.
This easy-to-use fold-out ID card is intended as an introduction to some of the more
distinctive families and species. In particular it depicts spiders frequently encountered in and
around human habitations, as well as some of the more common spiders of bush habitats and
a few of the more weird and wonderful of the arachnids that call Australia home.
The sheet covers 50 spiders and groups them together for easy comparison and identification.
Each concise written account gives some important facts, including ID, habitat, behavior and,
importantly, whether the spider is venomous and potentially dangerous to humans.
Ideal for keeping at home or taking on walks in the bush, the ID card is laminated for
weather-proofing and strength, giving it extra durability to withstand heavy use and being
stored in a backpack or other bag. It is the perfect introductory guide to the subject for
children, and is also ideal for adults who are new to this fascinating topic.