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ISBN: 9781760796242
Blackgum Item Code: NHND0426
Title: Bush Birds of Australia ID Chart
RRP: $7.99
More information:
Part of Reed New Holland’s exciting easy-to-use ID-chart series, this eye-catching fold-out sheet
depicts a selection of the bird species most commonly seen in ‘wilder’ habitats such as
woodland, forest and scrub, with a particular emphasis on those found not far from Australian
towns and cities.
It includes a selection of parrots, cuckoos, honeyeaters, finches, and many more.
Each species has at least one eye-catching photo, while for some there are multiple images
showing different plumages for male, female, juvenile and so on.
The sheet covers the 60 of the bird species most likely to be encountered in the Australian bush,
and groups them together for easy comparison and identification. Each concise written
account gives some facts about the bird, including its plumage, behaviour, calls and size
(measured from the tip of its bill to the tip of its tail), plus details of habitats and a listing of each
state or territory where it occurs.
Ideal for walks in the bush, the card is laminated for weather-proofing and strength, giving it
extra durability to withstand heavy use and being stored in a backpack or other bag. It is the
perfect introductory guide to birds for children, either at home or when out and about exploring,
and it is also ideal for adults who are new to the wonderful world of our feathered friends.