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ISBN: 9781922752062
Blackgum Item Code: ASPR0001
Title: luwa tara luwa waypa: three kangaroos, three Tasmanian Aboriginal men
Author: Dave mangenner Gough
Imprint: Aboriginal Studies Press
RRP: $24.95
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niyakara is leaving the village to hunt tara, kangaroo.

On his mind is the chief’s daughter, tuminana, who is at the water with the women, collecting shells and working.

But down on the beach, niyakara hears three thuds...

boom boom boom

With rhythmic intensity, luwa tara luwa waypa tells the captivating story of niyakara’s journey from boy to man, a story of courage and transformation.

Dave mangenner Gough’s powerful words and Samantha Campbell’s expressive artwork bring to vivid life the ancestral spirit and enduring strength of the palawa people of Tasmania.

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