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ISBN: 9780994576101
Blackgum Item Code: TFBK0008
Title: Discovering Hobart
Author: Warren Glover and Paul County
Imprint: Tas Food Books
RRP: $34.95
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Nestled amongst the foothills of Mt Wellington, Hobart combines heritage charm with a modern lifestyle in a setting of exceptional beauty. Hobart is a city defined by its geographical position, history and heritage.
Classical examples of Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Retro architecture are preserved throughout the city, adding to its unique character. It's no wonder Lonely Planet has called Hobart one of the top 10 spots to visit in the world right now. This beautifully designed and photographed collectable book, produced by two passionate locals, is an informative guide to more than 70 of Hobart's iconic buildings and cultural icons.