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ISBN: 9781925713442
Blackgum Item Code: PENG0884
Title: An Unconventional Wife: the life of Julia Sorell Arnold
Author: Mary Hogan
RRP: $39.95
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• Julia Arnold nee Sorell was the granddaughter of William Sorell, Lieutenant-Governor of Van Dieman’s Land.
• William Sorell was appointed Lieutenant-Governor in 1817, and although he was much respected, he was removed from his position when it was discovered that the woman he was living with and calling Mrs Sorell was not his wife, but his mistress.
• William Sorell the younger came out to Hobart from Britain to beg his father for money for him and his mother, Sorell’s real wife. When he arrived, he fell in love with Elizabeth Kemp, the daughter of his father’s nemesis. They were married and had five children: Julia, Augusta, Ada, Hugh Percy, and William.