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ISBN: 9780648069614
Blackgum Item Code: FTLR0002
Title: The Mindful Fairies
Author: Jen Fitzgibbon & Alyssa Bermudez
RRP: $19.95
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This enchanting story is narrated from the perspective of a young child who has a special bond with the fairies that live at the bottom of her grandparents garden. This beautiful fae world is described in such detail that the reader can imagine themselves in the centre of the magic fairy realm, patting the white unicorns or having conversations with grumpy Fergus the frog.
Tiptoe and Sunbeam are the Mindful Fairies, the guardians of the garden, who encourage others to always see the positive side of any situation. They gather fairy dust, recite special magical spells, and enjoy the enchanted world that is their home. Recommended for ages 5 - 11, but can be enjoyed by any age!