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ISBN: 9781922129741
Blackgum Item Code: DJAA0116
Title: Solomon's Noose: True Story of Her Majesty's Hangman of Hobart
Author: Steve Harris
Imprint: Melbourne Books
RRP: $29.95
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The story of a young convict, Solomon Blay, who became Her Majesty's hangman in Van Diemen's Land; the man who personally had to deliver an Empire's judgment on 200 men and women, and endured his own noose of personal demons and demonisation in order to "survive"; all in the context of the great struggles of good-evil, life-death, hope-despair, which drew the attention of Darwin, Twain, Trollope and Dickens as Van Diemans Land evolved from a Hades of Evil to sow the seeds of nationhood. The book paints a vivid picture of the society and poverty from which Blay's character was forged in England and the desperate, brutal nature of being a convict in Van Diemen's Land. Solomon's noose is an important book in exposing the dark 'underbelly' in the formation of modern Australia.