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ISBN: 9781760632618
Blackgum Item Code: ALUN0609
Title: Ten Rogues: The unlikely story of convict schemers, a stolen brig and an escape from Van Diemens Land to Chile
Author: Peter Grose
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
RRP: $29.99
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A band of convicts, a scoundrel by the name of Jimmy Porter, a stolen brig and a daring plan for escape

From the grim docks of 19th century London to the even grimmer shores of the brutal penal colony of Norfolk Island, this is a roller-coaster tale. It has everything: defiance of authority, treachery, piracy and mutiny, escape from the hangman's noose and even love. Peopled with good men, buffoons, incompetents and larrikin convicts of the highest order, Ten Rogues is an unexpected and wickedly entertaining story from the great annals of Australia's colonial history.